One Important Life Lesson

One important life lesson that I have learned is to ask myself, “Is it true?” 

Everybody has something different going on in there lives. My perception of what is happening is more than likely NOT true.

I have learned that most of the time my mind has me convinced that I’m so important that everybody around me is behaving a certain way because of me! For me. To me. At me. Meanwhile I also believe I’m one of the most unselfish people in the world. HA! Its amazing how I can believe two opposite concepts at the same time!

A lot of “spiritual gurus” will support this by saying the Universe is purposely triggering me so that I can learn from the situation. I’m sure that there are some of you reading this that totally fall into that category. Remember, this blog is a documentation of my journey. I can pretty much guarantee that one day I will write a post telling you about a situation that God provides a trigger in order for me to learn something!  🙂

Now imagine… So many of us are walking around believing that our boss, coworker, kids, spouse, parent, brother, sister, partner, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, the other person in line at the grocery, whoever just did whatever it was, just to piss you off!

Well, no wonder we are all in the pursuit of happiness!

The question is, “Is it true?”

I’m willing to bet that 99.9% of the time the answer is NO! Its not true. Its just our perception of the truth.

For the longest time, I was so afraid to have a real conversation with someone that it was just easier to be angry or sad than get to the nitty gritty of the situation. I became soooo good at making up the story of how horrible that other person was to me. Now God has blessed me with a partner. This man amazes me on a regular basis. Sometimes I am shocked how easy it is to tell him how I feel. Don’t get me wrong, I still get pissed off first at whatever he has done “to me”. Then I remember, I can talk to him. And rather quickly we uncover the truth. Its always a misunderstanding because I forget that its NOT ALL ABOUT ME.

There are many times that it is just way too difficult or even impossible to have a conversation with that person who “ruined your day” or seems “out to get you”. First calm down. Remember this life lesson, ask yourself “is it true?”  If yes, then how do you know? Did they look at you and tell you so? Make sure that its not just your perception of the fact. You never know what happened in their life 10 seconds, 10 hours, 10 days, 10 years ago.

I have been lucky enough to have met some wise women in my life who have helped me so much with asking the simple question “Is it true?”  And a very good friend introduced me to the work of Byron Katie. Check her out. Click the link. Its AMAZING stuff!

Everyone in this world is walking around with a story. One very important life lesson is, recognize that most of us don’t know the truth. I am learning that when I am in conflict with anyone else, or myself, stop and ask myself “Is it true?”


How Do You Unwind at the End of the Day?

It is time to unwind.

I left the dirty dishes on the counter, went outside, threw my blanket on the ground and crashed. I am done competing with Martha Stewart today! She’s got a bunch of assistants that make her look perfect everyday anyway.

Last night I treated myself to some self care. It was a long week. Honestly it was a huge breakthrough for me to just decide to give myself some pampering and not ask for anyones permission or approval. I didn’t care, I needed it! I met up with a friend for a beautiful energy work session. After that I came home and took the best bubble bath I’ve had in a long time. Epsom salts and everything. I love thes Dr Teals stuff, Detox and Energize is one of my favorites. Thanks to Dr Teals and my massaging bath pillow, I was truly able to unwind.

Then I heard an unfamiliar voice.  The bomb was dropped. We have 4 extra teenage boys sleeping over! Thankfully I was still in a daze from that awesome bath! 🙂

The house finally quieted down around 2 am.

I woke up around 8:00 this morning. My Babe made a pot of coffee and we starred into the fridge wondering how we would feed the army that was still snoring upstairs. We thought for sure they would sleep till noon. I’m pretty sure I was on my second sip of coffee when we heard the pounding footsteps above our heads. NO! They are awake!

Thank God there was a Costco size box of Eggos in the deep freezer, because 2 dozen eggs and who knows how many waffles later, the mob of hungry teenage boys were outside playing basketball.  🙂

That meant it was time for me to get to my list of chores. Which thankfully was not too long. clean up, 3 loads of laundry, and then go buy more food. LOL. The dinner plan for tonight…RIBS! With my new goal of Supreme Domestic Goddess and 4 star home Chef, I couldn’t just use store bought bbq sauce. So of course I head to Pinterest. I find a yummy looking recipe with root beer I just had to try. I add the ingredients to my grocery list and off I went.

Two stores later, I get home and tackle some prep for the week. I individually wrap the muffins. Wait, first I cut them in half because we are trying to watch what we eat without actually going on a diet. The muffins go in the freezer for quick lunch packing. I cut up the melon (our new favorite is called Golden Melon). It encourages us to eat the fruit if its all ready to grab.

Now on to the RIBS!

I forgot to tell you, I didn’t actually read the recipe. By this point in my life I should know to read the whole thing. I make the sauce. Well kind of, I didn’t have enough ketchup even after I went to 2 grocery stores, so I put a few other ingredients in to make up for the lack of ketchup. I am supposed to put the ribs in a roasting pan with a rack and simmer the ribs in root beer for an hour and a half. Guess what? I don’t have such a pan. Or anything that even comes close. So I improvise again. I dunk the ribs in the sauce and grill them the way I know how. High heat for half hour upside down, then move them off the heat and flip them over and cook then on indirect heat for another hour. To finish off my bbq feast for the family, I made cole slaw, corn on the cob and fresh corn bread. It was so YUMMY. And of course my guys loved it!


After dinner I reflected on my day and decided that it was time to unwind. I could not do another load of dishes. Let it go Angie! And that brings me to now. I am done. Time to crash!

Be a Flower

It’s  a beautiful Sunday morning.  I’m having a moment of gratitude that I am able to lay in the sun and just enjoy it.

I believe that it is very important to take the time to slow down. Today’s society has us rushing around trying to get more done in less time. Just slow down.  Listen to nature, the wind, the birds. Listen to your breath. Enjoy this moment. This moment that you recognize that “weeds” are really flowers


Listen to your heart.

When you stop judging what your heart says, that is when the magic happens!

That is one of the biggest lessons that I have learned on my journey. Stop judging myself. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a daily practice. In fact, that is why it took me longer than I originally planned to make my second post. I wanted my brand new blog to be perfect. Well guess what. There’s no such thing! Beauty is in the imperfections. And after all, I did say this was a journey! LOL

We all need to stop judging ourselves. That is what puts all of the stress into our lives. Think about it. Really think about it. We think that/blame somebody or something is causing our stress. Self judgement is a huge factor.

 "A flower doesn't compare itself to another flower, it just blooms" Zen Shin

“A flower doesn’t compare itself to another flower, it just blooms” Zen Shin

We all have our own specialties, actually multiple specialties. We just need to identify them. Let the sun shine on them! BLOOM! SHow the world your beauty. That is what makes you special!

New Beginning

It is Spring! That means new beginnings. It’s a new beginning for me, starting my blog. This has been a thought in my head for quite some time. After years of work and personal growth, I’ve finally decided that there’s no better time than now to start. With this blog I plan to continue my own personal development and hopefully a few of you will join me. 😊

Express Your Specialty. How did I come up with the name of my blog? Well, I honestly believe that is what a lot of us are trying to do in our lives. Discover what makes you special and then share it with the world. Recognize your God given gifts. Find the traits that make you unique? What makes you special? This is a platform for that journey.

I used to think that my specialty was taking care of horses, making their coats shiny and keeping them healthy. That was my only gift. That was it. That’s how I’d spend the rest of my life. It was a pretty good life. I certainly couldn’t complain about the “office” that I went to every day.

But something was missing. I still felt unfulfilled and underutilized.

Then I opened my eyes! God had much more in store for me!

A family. In a less than conventional way. Through continually opening my mind and my heart, being in love with this man and these boys is teaching me SO MUCH more. Everything about this life is special. Cooking, cleaning, building a fire pit, gardening, being honest, listening, being sensitive, seeing beauty in simple things, and trying new things.

We are all special. We all have God given gifts. I hope that sharing my experiences will give you the courage to see yours. Because it does take courage to dive deep and look into your own soul to find that true spark. I guarantee that once you see the first spark, the fireworks will start going off in your life!

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